Fighting Game Glossary

Fighting Games Suck to Learn

If you have ever tried to learn a fighting game but gave up because you didn't know what some janky sounding word meant, then this is the site for you. Fighting games are already hard to learn. Add the fact that a lot of the terminology used either has strange roots, or is in another language entirely, and the genre can feel like an informational brick wall.


The format of this site is meant to provide an easier way to learn the most commonly used (seemingly nonsenical) terminology. Definitions will be composed of three parts: a technical definition, a simpler example, and a visual example.

"What is DHC glitch? That means you can do a combo into another combo with a super, but the combo is not landing any combo but when he lands down, it's still a combo. You understand?"
"Hell no! What the fuck did you just say?"
"That's called DHC glitch!"
- Chris Hu explains the DHC glitch

While Chris Hu is technically correct (the best kind of correct) in his explanation of the DHC glitch, not even Aquasilk knew what the fuck he was saying. Hearing a bunch a technical jargon does nothing if there is no other way to explain it.

"DOOP? What's that?"
"It's similar to the United Nations from your time Fry."
"Or like the Federation from your Star Trek program."
- Futurama, Season 2 Episode 2

Just as Fry was only able to understand Hermes's Star Trek reference, people are more likely to understand if they have a simpler or relatable example. In other words, "Why don't you explain this to me like I'm five."

"How do we turn your average Joe Sixpack against Mary Bailey?"
"With this team of investigators. Your muckraker, your character assassin, your mudslinger, your garbologist. Their job is to turn Mary Bailey from this into this."
"Ahh visual aids help so much. Thank you."
- The Simpsons, Season 2 Episode 4

Studies show that learning with visual aids yields positive results by increasing personal understanding of the subject. These will often be clips taken from high stakes tournament matches, just to show that pro players have to learn these concepts too.